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Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Normally women strongly think that dark skin is the symbol of beauty and elegance and I am one of them too even though I don’t have that, but I know some of girls who look absolutely gorgeous with that skin shade and we are going to shares some tips for you girls to try on your big day.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Bridal Makeup For Dark SkinFirst of all you need to start taking your care even batter and more then you do usually and pay attention on the cleanings and toning and I bet you would not have any kind of scars or mark, but if you have then apply scar treatments and try to get flawless skin on your big day an eat healthy food and drink lots of water and if you use foundation then it is good you would know which one is good for your skin, but if you don’t then buy one at least one or two months prior to the day and start using it and that will not only make you master of your own face, but it will make your skin used to of it too, now we will give you some simple tips for your big day and we will hop that they will make you the queen of the day.

Bridal Makeup For Dark SkinThe first tip for bridal makeup for dark skin is use the best and the finest foundation to get the good base and it is very important for you to get a full cleaning on the day before starting your makeup cause the cleaning you did last night would be not enough and try the transparent water based foundation it will give you the best coverage and finish possible.

Bridal Jhoomar Designs 2013The second thing you need to keep in mind for your bridal makeup is pay extra importance to the eye makeup and you need to highlight your eyes for looking more beautiful and gorgeous and if you use dark colors like brown, copper and burgundy then it will make you look cute and fresh..

Bridal Makeup For Dark SkinIf you are planning to let your hair rock around your face then use coral, rose and deep orange blushes and then give a slight shade of these in your hair too and it will complement your look and never use peach and brown shades on your cheeks cause it will make you look artificial and dull and I don’t want to see a bridle look artificial on her big day, but if the function is in day time then use all the shades of rose and wine and bronze would look great and lip colors like plums, brown and burgundy are great for your skin and last but not least use shimmery face powder, I am not saying that you need to add too much shine, but if you add a bit shines on your face then you will love the results of your wedding day pix.