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Bridal Makeup For Summer Bridal Makeup Looks

Do you know every girl keeps a secret look in her mind which she wants to create on her big day, a look which mesmerized her way back during her childhood, you admit it or not, but you all have a simple and a magical look which you keep for your big day and somehow we all try to create the same time too and that is why girls take the wedding too seriously, they admit it or not, they just need to a perfect bridal makeup tips and then they get ready to fulfill their dreams.

I love cosmetics and I love looking girls walking down the aisle, it actually mesmerized me and I love to help them to get the look they have been dreaming for ages, I have seen many brides and I am sharing some my all time favorite looks for summer brides since summer bridal makeup is almost here and I bet there would be so many girls who would be getting ready for their Big.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips For Summer Bridal Makeup Looks

The “No Make Up” Look:- The main theory behind this look is my one very strong opinion, you are the one whom He wants to get married To and you are the one, he would be waiting and expecting on the aisle that day, how would he feel when he would see a complete strange looking girls walking down the aisle and looking at him with smiley face? Have you seen Sex and the City The film? Do you know what made Mr. Big to escape from his wedding? Actually Carrie was too busy following her wedding dreams that she let her wedding become bigger than Big and that was so scary for him and it is natural too, so my all time favorite look is No Makeup Look, I am not saying a natural look, I am saying no makeup look, just fix your flows and bridal makeup your best features highlight your face and see the glow of your face and your eyes on His face, cause nothing is more sexier than effortless beauty, even though it takes a little more work than you think, but you will love the results, and to get this look I would say have beautiful  skin naturally, work on that as hard and as much as you can, go super easy on base and keep your eyes and lips simple and use only a sweep of mascara and very unnoticeable eye liner and a tinted lip balm instead of lipstick and tra.

Bridal Makeup LooksNatural Looking Look:- Well this is a kind of invisible kind of bridal makeup and for that you just need to make sure you look yourself, you should look like yourself at your most beautiful way, simple, unfussy and bridal makeup and you can use bridal makeup to get that look, but not too much, just a bit and create a polished look, use bridal makeup to highlight your natural beauty and maintain your look natural too, like if you are using a nude shade and then some transparent shimmer then it will just add some glow on your eyes without making you look like a bridal makeup junky and for that look again I want you to get best looking skin naturally and pick light weighted sheer liquid foundation and mix it with some moisturizer and blend till it look natural, some apricot cream blush and choose a lipstick close to your natural lip color and you are done, take nude or beige matte eye shadows and use individual lashes for a subtle flutter and some shiny yet natural looking liner, if you are fair then use silver slight transparent mascara and you will see how it reflect your lights to make your look gorgeous.

Bridal Makeup TipsThe Romantic Look:- Well this one is a look what you Man wants you to look like, you need to look radiance and elegance at the same time and you need to add some softness and bridal makeup with bright radiant shades, like if I say romantic look then I know you would know smoky eyes and red lips is all you need.

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