Is It Possible To Grow Cannabis Secretly From Your Spouse?

Smoking and growing cannabis at home is a fun activity that’s meant to take away your stress after a long day at work. Marijuana isn’t addictive, but growing it definitely is. Generally, people who grow marijuana do it after consenting their family members, but what if your loved ones are averse to cannabis? Is it even possible to grow cannabis secretly without alerting your spouse?

Well, the short answer is no. Of course, you can grow it stealthily without ever raising your neighbor’s suspicion, but your spouse is different altogether. Unless you secretly build a room behind the bookshelf or grow it in the attic while ensuring that she never shows up there, it’s almost impossible to grow cannabis at home.

First off, the biggest problem is the smell and even if you do mask the smell, there’s not much you can do when it comes to harvesting the buds. You can buy carbon filters that are created to reduce the smell but it works for people that don’t live with you. Also, you’ll be cheating your wife if you’re growing cannabis when residing in a location where cannabis is illegal.

Even if it’s legal, it’s morally wrong to take such a huge step without informing your partner. Therefore, to tackle the problem, use a different approach. Most people detest marijuana simply because they are ignorant about its medicinal effects.

If you’re serious about growing cannabis, you need to talk to your partner and help him/her understand that it’s far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol that claims millions of lives every year. If used responsibly, marijuana can solve many of your medical issues and cannabis legalization will only help the economy of countries because even hemp can be used to manufacture clothes, ropes, paper and much more.

You can explain the benefits you have gained from smoking marijuana. To be honest, it’s very difficult to convince someone, especially if they have already made up their mind and branded cannabis as an evil drug that takes your life slowly, but the least you can do is try.

You could grow cannabis in a closet, but since it’s a long-term project, you will get caught sooner or later. There are several tutorials online that can help you grow marijuana in small spaces. It’s definitely possible to set up your equipment in a small closet. Many people who have no choice or are restricted by a small budget tend to grow cannabis in closets; however, it’s not possible to hide that from your partner unless he/she doesn’t use the closet.

If you have a spare closet that is rarely used, you can try your luck, but instead of keeping it a big secret, the best solution is to convince your partner that you’re completely aware of what you’re doing. You’ll also need some of the best led grow lights, soil, fertilizers, and grow tents to help you along the way, so it’s best to prepare ahead of time rather than purchasing all the equipment and planning things later.

Remember that no matter how smart you are, the smell could be a big giveaway. At the end of the day, if all else fails, you can ask your buddies for help with some bud, or you might have to rely on the dispensary for your stuff. The bottom line is that it’s better to confront your loved one rather than getting caught later because it can only worsen the situation. You might have to make a crucial decision, but such is life, and hopefully lady luck’s on your side and you can change your partner’s perspective!

Wheels or no wheels: the legal difference your wheels make

The tiny house movement has taken the US by storm but with it there are still many legal loopholes and outdated laws that may or may not impact not only your ownership of a tiny home, but your tax status, and where you can live. There is a significant legal difference associated with homes that have wheels and homes which do not. This difference can benefit you or it can work against you depending on what your ultimate goals are with your tiny house.

Use a trailer

As a tiny home owner, you can benefit from wheels under your tiny house by using a trailer to make your home portable. There are many places where regulations are significantly less stringent for tiny houses which are portable and are considered best tiny houses for sale in NC. Places like Fresno California or Nantucket Massachusetts reward you for having a portable tiny home so that you can move it if opportunity or necessity demands. Once you have placed your tiny home on wheels then you can have it certified as a recreational vehicle rather than a traditional home. Provided that your tiny house meets with recreational vehicle standards, you can use this legal loophole to your advantage.

You should note however that some codes prohibit RV owners from living permanently in their recreational vehicle. You need to be aware of this so that you do not fall victim to having your home certification work against you. In places where this is the case they simply don’t want individuals living in an RV that is parked in a driveway. For this reason make sure that you research the restrictions for the municipality where you want to live related to RV ownership. If you choose to reside in a place where it works in your favor, then obviously, hitch it up to a trailer and get the wheels turning.

Regularly move your location

As so many people are turning to their tiny houses as a way to travel without paying a mortgage, use that to your advantage, legally speaking. Regularly moving your home, if you are so inclined, is another benefit of using wheels which can help save you money and a lot of legal hassles. You can take the traditional concept of a mobile home to the next level by continually bringing your tiny house with you as you travel. Not only will it save you money on your hotel fees by putting your tiny house on wheels, but you can help prevent accidentally breaking any temporary living rooms.

Most people do not build a tiny house with the thought that they are going to constantly move it around like a camper but some people sincerely want this lifestyle. By moving around regularly you can get around different camping restrictions and keep your home in one spot for descents but not significantly long amounts of time. In fact, this is a popular option for people who live in Europe because campgrounds in Europe are very flexible. They are properly overseen by a front office with a different lots charged based on whether an individual has a tent, a vehicle, or some form of mobile home or tiny house. Many retirees in places like Germany have moved into the forest, living underneath castle ruins in a proper tiny house for which they pay only one or $200 per month in camping fees. Obviously the rules vary based on where you are so having wheels on your home can help you if you choose this lifestyle.

If the idea of constantly moving or registering it as an RV do not appeal to you as a tiny homeowner than it is best that you utilize other loopholes to stay in the clear legally speaking.

4 Top Characteristics of a Good Quality Mattress That You Should Know

Do you have any idea on what are the top and best characteristics of a good quality mattress? If you have none, you need to know that it is very important to be knowledgeable with this so that you can identify which among the available mattress on the market is a good and best one. And if you want to know what these top characteristics are, you can read the list below to help you.

This is the list of the top characteristics of a good quality mattress that you should know.

  1. The Padding of the Mattress Is Comfortable

The first top characteristic that you must know is that a good quality mattress has a padding that is very comfortable and relaxing when you lie on. This padding can come in different materials which includes of cotton, polyester, and even polyurethane foam so you can be assured that the mattress can offer you the best sleeping experience. Aside from that, this padding is also the first thing that can indicate you if the mattress is a high – quality one. It is very important that your mattress has a good padding not only to distinguish if it’s a good quality mattress or even the best mattress uk but also to get the benefits it provides.

  1. A Good Quality Mattress Is Durable

Another is that a good quality mattress is durable and firm so that you can have the capability to use it for so many years. A mattress that is durable and firm can last up to seven or more years so you can be assured that it would be a good investment for your house. By choosing a good quality mattress that has this great characteristic, you will know that it is worthy to the amount of money you spend from it.

  1. The Mattress Has a Perfect Bounce

Since that most children love to play in the bed by bouncing up and down in the mattress then you should choose a good quality mattress because it is known to have a perfect bounce. By having a perfect bounce, the mattress would have a lesser chance to lose its firmness even if your children would always do this activity. With this, there is no need for you to feel worried every time your children decide to play in the mattress.

  1. It Is Light in Weight

And lastly, the good quality mattress is light in weight. It is very necessary to have a mattress that is lightweight so that it would be more convenient and easier to change your bed sheets every time you need to. It might not seem to be very important but you should know that it is also one great way to tell that the mattress you have is a good quality one.

Now that you have the idea on what are the top characteristics of a good quality mattress, you can now also determine which the best one that you can choose to buy. But if you want to know more about this, you can ask the help of an expert about this matter.

How To Choose A Mattress For Persons With Different Sleeping Styles

There can be more than eight recognized sleeping positions. However, common categories are side, stomach, and back sleepers. There is not a single sleeping position that is better than the other.

According to sleep experts, each sleeping style is linked to a specific personality type. Let us face it and see what should guide you when purchasing a mattress for your sleeping position.

  • Side sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common of all sleep positions. This position is curvier than the others are and it is more likely to cause you back pain as it keeps the spine gently curved.

Besides, this position inhibits deep breathing and restricts blood flow to the arms and the shoulders. Due to this, a good mattress for side sleeping must meet the following conditions.

First, pressure relief is vitally important. Of course, the last thing you would want is your shoulders and hips taking strain every time you sleep.

Sleeping on your side forms recessed areas between your body and the mattress. These gaps require a mattress that can cradle them in while spreading the weight evenly so the pressure points do not become pained. To avoid this, read about best mattress for back pain.

If you are not cradled at night, you’re more likely to toss and turn all night affecting the quality of your sleep. A good mattress, for side sleeping, allows the body to sink a bit.

To allow the body to sink and align properly, the mattress should have a softer and thicker comfort layers.

  1. Back sleeping

Sleeping on your back is said to be the best position but only a few people feel comfortable in this position. Again, this position is associated with snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleeping on your back forms a recessed space in the lumbar area. To sleep comfortably, this space should be supported.

A good mattress for back sleeping needs to be on the medium-firm side so that the spine remains in its natural curve. Nonetheless, it should have a layer of softens to cushion the pressure points.

  • Stomach sleeping

Stomach sleeping is ideal for people who snore a lot while asleep. However, it may also strain your neck and back. When looking for the right mattress, remember there are little to no recessed areas that require support.

Therefore, you do not need a very soft mattress because you are likely to hyperextend the lumbar area making you prone to back pains. It is therefore important to find something that is more firm than plush to avoid creating an unnatural curve at the back.

But this is not to say the mattress be fully firm, it can have a layer of softness to cushion the bony areas.

  • Combination sleepers

Due to their sleep position, combination sleepers can face several challenges. Sleepers who prefer thinner comfort layer and move positions at night.

A good mattress for them should have a more conforming support layer in order to bring out the required softness.

On the other hand, sleepers who prefer thicker comfort layers and they do not move positions as they sleep. They need a mattress with a firmer support layer.


There is no doubt that your sleeping position is the determiner of which mattress you want. Always remember that each sleeping position demands a unique cradle based on the recessed areas created between the body and the mattress.

Only the right mattress will cater to these gaps by providing the right support while at the same time keeping you comfortable. Choose what fits your needs not what works for your friend.