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Makeup Tips For Wedding Party

If you are going to attend a Asian wedding, when I say Asian wedding, I mean Indian or Pakistani, not Chinese and Japanese all other countries which come in Asia 😉 then the first thing you need to do is get ready cause you need to go for shopping and you need to buy the most glamorous and the most colorful dress you could see in Asian boutique, you can go as crazy as you want in this regard, but the most beautiful dress you see there and now we will see what kind of makeup tips do you need to get ready for this wedding.

Makeup Tips For Wedding Party

First of all if you are wearing sharp and glamorous dresses then you need to be careful for your make up too cause if you wear same kind of make then will end up with a crown looks, so I will say that you use plain or smooth top with bright bottom and in that way you will be able to get a beautiful make up and here are some simple tips for your make up,

Makeup Tips For Wedding Party-

Use very subtle and smooth foundation, don’t exaggerate, use one or two tone lighter or darker foundation and blend it well, use transparent one if you have beautiful smooth and naturally flawless skin cause this will reflect the light and will make your look beautiful and fascinating.

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You need to pay all of your attention to your eye makeup cause Indian or Pakistani girls normally born with beautiful eyes and they make them even more beautiful with makeup, so you need to look similar or better. use shimmery and natural shades for your eyes and blend them well, if you have colored eyes then use the similar shade to enhance the beautiful of your eyes and if you have dark eyes then you can use shades of your dress for your eyes and use Kajal, liner and mascara for Asian look, you can use white panicle for lower inner line and use dark black for upper inner line and use tight lining technique.

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Use lipstick instead of lip gloss or lip shiner because you need some authentic looks and pick beautiful jewelry to compliment your look and a bindi would look externally good with string and silky hair, and use heels even if no one can see your feet with long and frilly lehnga and keep one thing in mind, this is a very important day for bride so don’t try to give her competition.