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Pocket Friendly Wedding Plans

If you are planning a pocket friendly wedding that just show one thing that you are not a typical bride and you are using your money smartly and you are keeping and saving it to start a beautiful and smooth life and happy honeymoon, actually these are the things you need to pay money on rather than spoiling the start of your life just because of the loads and tensions of returning the money you borrowed to celebrate the big fat ravishing wedding, here are some simple tips for you to save money on things.

Pocket Friendly Wedding Plans

Invitation cards, we will start from that, you cannot save money on your engagement ring or wedding band, but invitation cards? I am totally against of it, why cannot your friends and family come by themselves, why on earth do they need some fancy cards to come, they are not attending royal parties, so you can save all the money you were about to spend on these cards and you can send them email or cards that you make online, that will be perfect and all the need to know is the time and the venue so relax.

Pocket Friendly Wedding Plans-

Wedding Clothes is next thing that can help you save money, first of all you can safe all the money by making a simple and elegant dress, or don’t go for some branded dresses and try some one new which would have new innovative ideas and they would charge low prices too or why don’t you design your own dress and try to make it by yourself or you can always ask your girls to help you and that is absolutely a brilliant idea cause that will show your creativity and trust me, you will feel great when you wear your own made dress on your big day, there are millions of ideas that you can try to save money, you just need to drill your brain, BTW you can always try a dress on rent, I hop and I pretend that you know what is this.

Now we will come to the jewelry and for that you can start with replacing the diamonds to semi-precious stones, or you can use plain gold or silver jewelry, silver and white gold is in, but you can use pearl too which look expansive, but if they are not real then they are not, and you can use completely artificial jewelry which will look good, but will cost you some.

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Hire less famous catering services food or you can use home mead food which will look yum and clean and at the same time it will be pocket friendly too, you can arrange a BBQ and picnic food and let me tell you that if any one of your or your grooms family will arrange that then this will safe at least 50-70% money on that for sure.

Keep looking for more tricks to save more money.