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Simple Wedding Makeup Looks & Makeup Ideas

Do you know that Kate Middleton did her makeup on her wedding, the royal wedding and AKA wedding of the century, and she was looking absolutely ravishing on her big day, well if she opted to create her look on the day then why cannot we all? The main reason behind that simple wedding makeup looks was, she wanted to look her best and het self, she wanted to look Kate, on her big day and she wanted HIM to recognize her, and I think this is sweetest thing I have ever heard, I know that it is your big day and the most memorable and awaited day of your life too, but still don’t be go crazy, I know that you want to look perfect simple wedding makeup looks and you want to look the best, but don’t try to look someone you admire, be yourself, this is the look your man fell in love to, so don’t disappoint him, and this is the first and the most important tip for your wedding day, be yourself.

Simple Wedding Makeup Looks

Simple Wedding Makeup Looks & Makeup IdeasHere are Some Tips to Apply Makeup For Your Big Day:

Practice:- This is very important, you need to pick a look which go with your neck line, your hair, your jewelry and other accessories and stick with that look and keep practicing till you get the perfect simple wedding makeup looks, you need to spare plenty of time to practice your simple wedding makeup looks before the big day, I know that you are nervous and this can actually ruin your whole look for simple wedding makeup looks, and keep clicking pictures of your practice and it will give you some idea how would you look on your big day.

How to Do a Simple Makeup LookMoisturize:- I don’t know if you are getting married in winter snow or warm hot summer, I just know one thing, you need to look beautiful so pick the right kind of products, especially your moisturizer, and your moisturizer will keep your look beautiful and fresh throughout the day and will protect your skin from sun rays too, so you should start with washed cleaned and scrubbed face and apply moisturizer according to your own skin type , but make sure it is not making your skin greasy.


Prime:- The flash of the cameras will highlight any slight imperfections in your skin, so you need to take care of it and when you use primer it not only will keep your base perfect for the rest of the day, it make blending too easy, it will cover wide pores and any fine lines and it help you look perfect in pictures too, but don’t confuse liquid foundation or concealer or moisturizer with primer, they all are different things.

Wedding Makeup IdeasPick Right Base:-You need to pick the perfect base to simple wedding makeup looks perfect, normally we feel that foundation or concealer we use during day to day life is appropriate for our wedding too, but it is not true, you need to pick the one which last longer and don’t get cracked on your skin, pick a long wearing formula products to make sure that it lasts the entire day and pick pale tones which look pretty good in pictures.

Your eyes are the main highlight of your face, pay attention on your eye makeup, don’t use too bright shades, stay on low profile and give all the time your eye makeup needs cause eyes are the best feature of any face, your eye brows should be well groomed and apply eye primer, use water proof mascara and lines and use the shade which suit you, not that is in now days.

Simple Wedding Makeup LooksLast but not least, use lip stain, no matter what shade you want to apply, don’t use lip gloss and lipsticks, no matter how convincingly that  sale person say that it will stay all day long or it is 100% smudge-proof, still, don’t fall for this, pick lip stain.