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Best Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup For Your Wedding Day

Smokey eyes wedding makeup for your wedding day, If you are a woman with beautiful fair skin and you want to get a smoky eye for your big day and you are not quite master a timeless Smokey eye then we are here to help you and for that we are going to share some very simple top tips on how to do bridal smokey eyes wedding makeup for pale skin and I am not saying that this is the only way to do your looks, I always say, get motivated with that look and then try a new look according to your own eyes and your face cut or the way you actually like.

Best Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup

Smokey eyes Wedding makeup tutorial
Smokey eyes Wedding makeup tutorial

We all know that Smokey eye is one thing that never goes out of style and it is a very beautiful timeless classic which is not only perfect for dates, dancing and all those special occasions, and that is what I love it for brides cause the wedding photos will never look out of fashion with that look, so let’s start with it…

Wedding smokey eyes makeup step by step
Wedding smokey eyes makeup step by step

Choose The Right Colors: – First of all you need to pick the perfect shade for that look, you don’t really have to and you really don’t should follow the look you admire completely, I admit that there are so many who can rock all kind of intense, black smokey eyes wedding makeup, that doesn’t mean the same style will suit you too and I bet you would not like to look Goth for your big day, no offense!. If you want to create the sexiest and more wearable smokey eyes wedding makeup for you then you need to learn about the shades that suits you, and I am helping a bit you in that regard, if you have super pale skin as Kate Winslet or Gwyneth Paltrow then super dark colors are going to wash you out and look unflattering and will give you look which does not carry any impression, instead of that a black base color, create your smokey eyes wedding makeup with medium browns for a softer, and go for rather earthier look instead of bright sharp look and girls with the skin tone of Elizabeth Olsen would like rose-based bronze color palette for a warm glow and perfectly bright hot look.

Pick Right Tools:– You might thing what these have to do for your looks, well! I would just say one thing, I have seem may people with perfect shades, but they look horrible cause they leave harsh lines on the top which make them look like unfinished, so you need to pick right brushes, right style and brand too and here are some you need without any excuse.

smokey eyes Wedding makeup tutorial

Crease Brush, you need to get an angled crease brush and it will help you apply and blend the shade color into the crease of your lid easily and affectively.

Blending Brush, you don’t really need to get a big brush, but you need a fluffy blending brush to draw color up from your crease in a smokey eyes wedding makeup to create a gradient and it will help you brush off the harsh lines too…

smokey eyes makeup video For Wedding Makeup

Small Angled Brush and we need this brush to redefine and intensify the outer corner of your Smokey eye wedding makeup and it is very good to applying eyeliner along your waterline and upper lash line which will make your look perfect.

Blend, Blend, Blend:- If you have decided to get a smoky look then you need to be ready to blend, blend blend, and blend, which will give you an additional transition color to create the Smokey effect without harsh lines and edges.

Last but not least, mascara, you need to pay attention how to get full look cause if you don’t finish all the essential features, you will end up with a messy looking eyes, it would be anything but a smokey eyes wedding makeup.

Party makeup smokey eyes step by step For Wedding
Party makeup smokey eyes step by step For Wedding

Best of luck…