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Wedding Ceremony Order Of Service

Wedding Ceremony Order for ServiceIn the wedding it is very important to get good wedding services. Infect the wedding become interesting and memorable with the wedding services. In the initial planning of the wedding the place of wedding services is at the highest important place. The order of service should be such by which you get your wedding ceremony the excellent one.

Pre Service Events

It is important for the wedding service provider to make all arrangements before the wedding starts. The place of the wedding should be fully ready before 15 min to start of the wedding. Musical arrangements should be finalize at least 5 min before the ceremony starting time. Pre wedding photos should also be finished at least 45 min before the wedding.

After the pre wedding ceremonies the wedding ceremonies starts and the march of bride begins. Usually bride’s mother stands as a signal to the audience to stand for bride. Some time it is announced to stand up for the bride. After that there is prayers and worship songs.

After the prayers and all songs the couple comes in front of each other and they exchange rings with each other. After that bride and groom are allowed to kiss each other and the priest introduce the couple. There a re some refreshment arrangements are also very popular in the weddings. Bride and groom arrange for the refreshment for the audience and in this way they provide them to have chance to meet each other.