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Wedding Eye Makeup Looks & Wedding Eye Makeup Ideas

As we all know that this is a season of festivals and we all going to attend lots of wedding after the Edi and this look, we are going to talk about today, is the best look which you can try for every wedding eye makeup looks with few changing and I can tell you that it is glamorous and would suit almost all skin tone, you just need to see which shade would look good on you and you would be ready to go. This is a very simple and easy to apply look and we are taking shimmery peach eye shadow and brick brown eye shadow and that’s it, we are just using these two shades, it’s really easy and everyone can do it with ease and within so less time.

Wedding Eye Makeup Looks & Wedding Eye Makeup Ideas

Wedding Eye Makeup Looks & Wedding Eye Makeup IdeasWe will start with applying moisturizer and primer on freshly washed face and then we will apply a transparent coverage foundation and you need to apply some transparent face powder over the lids to get a long lasting wedding eye makeup looks.

We will start the look with using a plain white eyeliner pencil over the eye brow and highlight the brow bone and blend well with finger and you need to blend all the way from one corner to other and give a edge at the arch of your eyebrow now you need to take Iced Apricot and apply that all over the lids and you can use your own hands for that cause this will give you eyes a fishing wedding eye makeup looks and then take Mineral brick brown on the outer corner and blend it well with your fingers, you can use a shimmery highlighter to enhance the look or you can use brownish shimmery eye shadow for that too.

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wedding eye makeup pictures Wedding Eye Makeup Look wedding eye makeup for hazel eyes wedding eye makeup colors wedding eye makeup for green eyes wedding eye makeup for green eyes-Now if you are good with liner then you use gel liner over the lashes line and draw a thin line and then take a Kohl liner and apply it over the lower water line with study hands cause we are not using anything on the lower lash, you can use a concealer under your lash line to enhance the neatness of your lower line and use lots of mascara and lash curler to get perfect wedding eye makeup looks and thick lashes with lash curler and jet black mascara. Finish your look with shiny lip stick and rock the parties.

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