The Perfect Wedding Gift: How to choose a Gift that stands out

The pressure is always on when you’re looking for a wedding gift that will stand out. There’s always a gift registry. There are also considerations on whether you should buy an expensive gift or just give it in cash form outright.

However, you shouldn’t really worry. Read on and find out how to solve this particular problem:

Following the Registry

You should stop looking at the gift registry like a royal decree. The registry, for all intents and purposes, is really just a suggestive list and not a command. If you go and buy something that’s off the list, it’s good to take a look at it to have an idea of what the couple really wants.

Intimate Friends

Chances are if you’re life-long friends with the couple or at least one of them, you won’t need a gift registry to find out what they want or what they’ll like. Have an idea of where they want to live. Consider if they’re going to have that kind of gift you’re planning to buy already, or if they need it when starting out.

Cash gifts

It might look easier to just give a cash gift, but it can also be tricky—what’s considered as a huge amount to some might not be that big of something to others. If you’re having trouble getting a gift, consider giving gift checks instead.

Strength in Numbers

If there’s ever an opportunity to buy a gift as a group, it’s this. Pooling resources together can create a big enough pot to manage to buy a luxurious gift. It also gives you a chance to remove the stress of thinking up a great gift when you’re pressed with time.

Simplicity is still King

You can buy all the most expensive things you want; at the end of the day, a gift that’s well thought of and one that is also fairly sentimental can trump any expensive gifts on their list. It’s the thought that counts, whatever the reason for the gift-giving.

Creativity counts whenever you’re thinking of a gift to buy. If you have the money, sure, go ahead and buy that expensive gift—after all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. But a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be remembered.

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