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Wedding Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brides are conscious about their wedding makeup. A girl always wants to look beautiful and gorgeous. The Wedding is considered a special day for her, so they desire to look different on their wedding. The beautiful wedding makeups will definitely give the perfect look for look. If you want to look really gorgeous on your wedding day so you should try this makeup for your brown eyes.

Wedding MakeupWedding Makeup For Brown Eyes

However, every girl has different skin type as well different eyes color. We give her wedding makeup ideas for their brown eyes. The stunning brown eyes wedding makeup will also enhance your look as well. The best wedding eye shades for brown color eyes is the light dusting of mocha, khaki, gray stone, dark sand, tree bark, moss, and plum.

.XOXO eyes less:XOXO eyes less

This beautiful wedding makeup with dark lip color and fill glitter under eyes look stunning as well as enhancing. It’s gorgeous makeup under the true charming beauty. You will look amazing on dark lips of brown shade and eyeshade. The beautiful eyelashes and eyeliner of white color will also look pretty. Give the touch of glitter of golden color on eyes.

.Purple Color For Brown Eyes:Purple Color For Brown Eyes

Actually purple color has made for brown eyes. The gorgeous purple eyeshade and the purple highlight will enhance your bride look in your brown eyes. Highlight your eye wedding makeup with purple. Matte eye shadow is also a good choice for brown eyes. Purple and gold smoky eyes will great for wedding makeup. Eyelashes are more charming for your brown eyes. So highlight your makeup with purple.

.Natural Smokey Eyes:Natural Smokey Eyes

Marriage is the important occasion for girl. That is why she getting a lot of tips for her wedding makeup. Te Smokey eyes makeup is looking good on the wedding day. Wear full lashes on brown Smokey eyes with nude lips. This is perfect, pink lips with a soft touch of Smokey eyes. It looks dramatic but simple.


This looks perfect for every eye color but it more enhanced the brown eyes. You have to add a little shimmer effect with your eyeshade color. It makes your eyes pop and perfect wedding makeup. It gives faltering touch to your eyes. Lashes and liner effect gorgeous, purple shade mascara will also give you charming look.

.Greenish Eye Shadow:Greenish Eye Shadow

The other gorgeous wedding makeup shade for your brown eyes looks dramatic. Go with green, it gives you pretty and attractive look. Green tones come in matte and metallic shades.