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Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks

If you are worried for your looks for the biggest day of your life then take a deep breath and relaxed and here are some simple tips for you to get the best look possible for the biggest day of your life.

 	Wedding Makeup Tips & Tricks

First thing that you pay attention on is Foundation primer, you need to start using it at least one or two month prior to your wedding and that will not only give you the best coverage, but it will make you an expert and it will show on the big day, so buy the best foundation and start using it and when you are getting ready for your wedding then wash your face with ruining water and then splash some chilled water on your face and then apply some moisturizer on wet face and let it get a bit dry before you apply foundation and this is the best way to apply the foundation.

Essential Bridal Makeup Tips

Use a lash curler when your lashes are still wet and try to apply the pressure when the curler is as much closer as possible and then apply some transparent mascara and then let it get dry a bit and then use the curler again I am hoping that you are not using the fake lashes so make sure your lashed look as dreamy as possible, when you use face powder on your face then tab a bit on your lashes too and it will create the impression thick lashes.

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Don’t add too much eye shadows cause that will make a confusing impression, you can add one or two and blend it really very well and if you add two shades of liner then it will make your eyes look brighter and bigger and it will make your eyelash look thicker too and use a dark shade of mascara rather than black cause it will make your small eyes smaller and wide eyes wider and if you have fine and dry lines around your eyes then use serum before applying makeup and never use dark shades on these lines they will make the lines more prominent and visible.

Smile a lot and let the people see how happy you are.