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Wedding Makeup & Top 10 Makeup Tips For Wedding Day

Today we are going to share a list of tips that will help you look your best on your big day and we will keep all the wedding emotions including Anticipation, excitement, and happiness in mind and we help you show all of the happiness on your face.

Create A Neat Canvas:- I am totally against of too much products on the face of bride cause I believe this is your day and you should be comfortable in your own skin and you need to look natural and for that you need to have a beautiful canvases, pay all your attention on your skin, make sure you have to have the best skin possible, cause it is the only way to use less product on your face and you need to have smooth, glowing skin naturally and with that you can go with tint moisturizer too.

Wedding Makeup & DIY Wedding Makeup

Create a Neat Canvas Corners For WeddingMakeup for Wedding:- I know that we are going to create a very natural look and you might feel that the products you use regularly are fine for your wedding makeup day too, but this is not true, you need to buy right kind of products, gather wedding makeup in advance of the wedding and that will give you lots of time for practice which is very important, you need to keep practicing your look as much as possible to get perfect wedding makeup look on your big day.

Wedding Makeup & Top 10 Makeup Tips For Wedding DayPick Right Products:- I am not saying that you should buy the most expensive brands or you need to buy something out of this world, we just need to pick right kind of goods and brands according to face and skin tone and type, your face should look oil free all day long and for that you should pick a long lasting finish and buy water proof and if you are getting married in day time then it should have some sunscreen too.

Always start with primer, according to personal preference, it not only make it so easy to apply and blend, it keep wedding makeup on for longer hours, it absorbs oil, and it prevents foundation from becoming cakey, never ever substitutes it with moisturizer. We normally use creamy or liquid during day to day life, but for your big day you can try powders rather than liquid foundation cause it will make your look fresher and mate in photos and if you want to try new thing then mineral wedding makeup provides great coverage, it lasts longer and gives a matte finish that works wonderfully for bridal pictures.

Pick Right Products For WeddingI wish and I suggest you don’t need and you don’t use concealer, but if your really have to apply then apply concealer over the foundation, let the foundation get sealed and then apply concealer, use as less as possible to look natural and fresh, apply concealer with a small brush and blend in the place. Unless a bride wants to use false eyelashes, which I don’t recommend for the day time look, mascara ranks high on the bridal makeup list, you need to keep trying different mascaras till you get the best one, you need a long lasting, dark, and thick mascara to create dreamy lashes which will beautiful frame that accentuates eyes and turns them into a lovely focal point, and I would say buy a darker one and a lighter one, use the lighter one for lower lash lines.

Wedding MakeupI think that no matter what eye shape you have, liner can make them look perfect, you just need to pick the right stroke and right shade, eyeliner pencil works adequately for bridal makeup, but if it contains waxy ingredients, it may fade quickly, run into tiny lines beneath the eye and that is the last thing I want for you, so go for cake eyeliner works better and lasts longer than a pencil, use some on your upper lash lien and some on your tight line too, to get dreamy eye lashes and then apply some under your lower lash line too.

Use natural shades for your eyes, I know you want to look colorful, but keep that look for your reception, keep things natural for your whiter dress look, so use nude shade, you can use shimmery one and you can add some glitter too, but don’t make your look fruity or colorful for the day.

Top 10 Makeup Tips For Wedding DayLast but not least, use lip stain, no matter what was your dreamy look, but you are not allow to use lip gloss or lips stick, apply lip stain and you can pick any shade or you can apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline or some transparent shimmer on it too, but don’t apply shade.