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What Kate Middleton Wore Since Her Engagement

Kate Middleton is one of high profile celebrities and also a fashion icon from the royal family of England as she have got a tremendous personality for her and stunning fashion sense.

What Kate Middleton Wore Since Her Engagement

Well, while coming to the media every body become quite conscious about his or her personality because the media is always remain in the search of any flaw so the celebrities has to become quite careful about their appearance and dressing.

After becoming the celebrity every women have to be careful about all of her aspects. So Like all other celebrities Kate Middleton has also look very conscious about her personality and appearance in the public and any party or function.

31-year old Kate Middleton has got a lot of attention of the showbiz media right from the time she was engaged with the Duke of Cambridge Prince William which was announced at 16 November 2010. Right from that time she has become the eye candy for the media and her fans due to many of the things and the top of them is her fashion sense and magnificent personality.

She has worked a lot over her personality and always dressed in the perfect manners as she have been awarded by many of the titles just because of her styling sense. Here through the picture that how she has attract the people toward herself through her dressing sense. Your will see that how her dresses has been transform into the modern trend as she was become a trendsetter for the women in the international fashion industry.

Kate has worn a lot type of dresses during her appearance in the parties, function and ceremonies and almost every time she has been pronounced as the best dressed personality. By having a view of these pictures i am sure that you will say without any doubt that she is the real fashion icon from the royal family for the women.